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In a bankruptcy filed with the federal courts, the courts retain jurisdiction over attorney compensation.  Each file is different, and will be quoted to the client after the means test calculation, to determine which chapter the client will be filing, subject to continuing jurisdiction of the court and local rules.

Typically a chapter 7 has the following out of pocket expenses for the client:

  1.  $20-$40 for a software approved import qualified credit report for one client, or joint filing;  Usually provided by Credit Infonet

  2.  $80.00 for software compatible required credit counseling which must be completed on line, or by a telephone conference prior to filing the petition, and completion of the required financial management course after the case has been filed, but prior to the first meeting of creditors(credit infonet)

  3.  The filing fee for a chapter 7 is $299 which is payable to the attorney, who then uses a court approved credit card to pay for the filing on line.

  4.  A chapter 7 attorney fee is normally  $1,200.00, but if the client utilizes and completes in detail the mycaseinfo database which can be imported into the software preparing the clients petition, a $300.00 discount will apply if in addition the client brings in two copies of the last four years of income tax returns and two copies of the last 6 months of the clients pay stubs or proof of salary, and finally the client has averaged on a separate sheet of paper his gross monthly wages during those 6 months, the average of tax and social security deductions for the period of the last 6 months, and finally the average monlhly net income during those same last 6 months.  The client will then review the imported data in the schedules, and make corrections for the second appointment.  All attorney fees and costs must be paid prior to the case being filed, and the discount will apply if the information has been gathered pursuant to the above information being correctly and timely provided.

5.  If a means test determines, or if certain circumstances are present where the client must file a chapter 13, the current local rules allow attorney compensation in the amount of $3,600.  We will charge between $2000 and $3,600 dollars depending on the complexity of the case, and whether as above you have utilized the mycaseinfo database to import your information into the petitions,  and a $300 discount will apply to the quoted attorney fees after the intial credit report import and means test evaluation at the first or second appointment. 


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